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Financial Planning

The need for a comprehensive approach in addressing your financial goals is an area we feel strongly about and advocate. One must look at the entire picture and develop a strategy based on all known factors. The process is simple, executable, and can be summarized in a simple 6 step process.

Step 1

Develop a financial mission

Step 2

Gather data

Step 3

Establish goals

Step 4

Develop objectives

Step 5

Formulate a strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT)

Step 6

Develop a financial plan

Step 7

Select the appropriate strategy

Step 8

Implement and monitor the plan

The holistic approach described above can help ensure a level of financial independence many investors are striving toward. All too often investors focus only on their investment performance, yet neglect all other aspects of their financial situation. It is an improper way to run a business and it’s an improper way to plan for the future. The financial planning process utilizes and addresses investment, estate planning, protection, tax, and retirement planning. This is a method for everyone from the novice investor to the sophisticated business owner. Developing a strategy to maximize goal achievement is key for those who are looking to reach financial independence.