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Insurance and Protection Planning

One of the most important pieces of the financial planning process is determining the proper types and amounts of protection coverage. Whether thatís life insurance, income protection, home, or auto insurance the need to protect assets is critical to the overall success of a comprehensive financial plan. We utilize experts in each area to help you determine which types of coverage most effectively meet your needs. Life insurance, for example, can be used for various purposes, from protecting the family from the unexpected passing of loved ones, to an efficient tax and investment strategy for higher net worth clients. Not only will we help in selecting the proper type of insurance, we also compare policies to look for the best fit to meet your goals. No one wants to pay more for insurance than they have to and our ability to shop amongst the major carries will often result in a lower cost of insurance for you. Once we have determined the right amount of coverage we will periodically review the status of policies as the situation changes whether thatís due to the birth of a new child or a financial windfall from an inheritance, we will review the modifications that need to be made. Protection of assets is the foundation on which a solid financial plan is built.