Who We Are


With the wide range of investment products available and the uncertainty of the stock market during these turbulent economic times, the need to choose the right type of portfolio is more critical now than ever. We believe in a straight forward process in the pursuit of investment goals. The strategy is simple; define the objectives, review the options, implement and monitor the portfolio. Whether it is the desire to achieve a level of retirement income or reach overall financial independence, a defined strategy and sound philosophy will be of the utmost importance.

Given the depth and knowledge of our team, we are well versed in many investment opportunities, whether itís Equities, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures or Alternative Investments we endeavor to find the appropriate asset allocation to meet your needs. Implementation of the strategy can be achieved through the utilization of not only our knowledge and expertise, but may be combined with the help of outside money managers. As independent financial advisors, we possess the autonomy to put our clientís goals and objectives first and foremost. This is in direct contrast to many of the large brokerage firms that have their own proprietary offerings.